This conference seeks to create a conversation about the field of folklore and what we as folklorists can do to maintain the discipline both inside and outside of the academy. The field of folklore studies in North America comprises a small, but dedicated group of scholars who see a viable future for the academic study of folklore as well as applied and public engagement of that scholarship. In the early days of the field, the subject matter of folklore studies was thought to be disappearing. Today, scholars from both within and outside of the field have stated the discipline itself is in danger of disappearing from the contemporary academic landscape. This conference is predicated on the notion that there is a future of folklore studies in North America. To be sure this future may not always be clear, but folklorists today continue to do great work. By assembling scholars from various places, across all career stages, and both inside and outside of the academy, we hope to create real-world solutions for the difficulties facing our field as well as theoretical advances that will help it to continue to grow.